Fun Yard Games

Yard Games

Are you looking for some spiced up fun for your Backyard this Summer?  Hammer & Stain is passionate about having fun and being creative at the same time by customizing your favorite outdoor yard games. It's the coolest gift and everyone will envy your uniqueness.

Incorporating games into your summer plans will get you moving, exercising and interacting with friends and family.  After all, games can’t be played with one person and are meant to be played with friends.


Cornhole, also known as Bean Bag Toss, is a game that combines throwing a bean bag onto a platform 15 feet away. There are ways in which you can score points, the goal is to get your bean bag into the top hole.  First person to 12 or 21 wins.  Cornhole is a classic game and also rated as the top 5 yard games.

Yardzee  (Yard Yahtzee)

It’s the same exact concept as the original Yahtzee, but the dice have gotten bigger! This means you can move this game from your kitchen table to the backyard!

Coming Soon:  Giant Jenga Tumbler Tower - 24" High - 48 pieces

                         Washer Toss

3 products

3 products