Workshops are offered Thursday, Friday, Saturday @ 6 PM.  Some may be theme related to add some fun to the class.  Don't see what you're lookin for on a certain night, call us and we'll add it for you.  

      If you see a project that doesn’t fit on a wall, due to size, etc., let us know.  We’ll accommodate you because we know it will be a piece that is treasured. We take great pride in cutting all our wood in-house.  Each piece of wood is hand picked, sanded and inspected before the workshop.  

      Public Workshops: Thursday,Friday, Saturday @ 6:00 PM  Saturday and Sunday @ 1 PM 

      How to Register:

      1.  Workshops are listed by date and project type.  Choose your favorite.

      2.  Pick your design for the project.

      3.  Enter any personalization - ONLY if your project requires it.

      3.  Proceed with reservation and checkout!

      If you're registering for a private party - go back and click the Private Party Tab.  The private parties will be listed there.  

      Call your Family and Friends and make it a party!

        10 products

        10 products